Monday, March 23, 2009

Boob honking

So we had some rough moments this weekend, including a super fun 45 minute hike with you wailing the entire time because we couldn't eat at whale rock. After that was resolved, the rest of Saturday went pretty smoothly, Sunday too. Until...bedtime, you were playing your leapster, at the table, it was way past your bedtime so I said turn it off, go potty, pick a book, being particularly sensitive to your persistant no's this weekend I immediatly cut off your game mid carrot gathering. That did it, so you went to your room in a crying fit, when we both regained our composure we made our way to the bathroom to brush your teeth and you start in with the "you don't want to be my mommy" so I tell you to come here, you reluctantly do, I sit you on the bed next to me, and start with the heart to heart "Stinky, no matter how mad I am or what you do I will always want to be your..." and the next thing I know, there is a small hand honking my boob. You never even flinched, it was like second nature. Like some uncontrollable reflex..

What is it with boys and boobs?

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