Friday, March 20, 2009

54 months

Well Stinky, today marks our 54th month together (not counting incubation). I'm starting this blog because I have been seriously sucking at filling in the journal I started for you as a newborn, soooooo, this is my lame, maybe I'll update more frequently since it's sitting here, in front of me, second attempt. This week we celebrated a milestone that parenting, or what to expect don't tell you about, but it was just as exciting as your first tooth and your first steps. This week, with me sitting a good twenty feet away, and without the usual "mommy, mommy, look what I can do" you climbed up onto the monkey bars and swung yourself halfway across. I'm sure the sudden streak of independance and bravery had nothing to do with the pretty little group of tweens hanging around the monkey bars but none the less it was a very proud moment. You are shedding all baby and toddlerness and morphing into a big boy much to my dismay. You had spirit week in preschool this week and enjoyed every bit of it except crazy hair day. That was a tantrum I would like to forget. You start soccer again tomorrow, hopefully this year they will come up with a better game besides trip the toddlers with the soccer balls as the run full speed down the field, while it was entertaining, you're a bit further from the ground this year so I'd like to avoid the er. I love you with all my heart

Stinky's word of the week: Alsoly-if actually and also made a baby

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