Friday, May 15, 2009


You simultaneously found two four leaf clovers in the backyard near the creek yesterday evening, how you did it I will never now..

and than

A strange thing happened ...

as we walked towards the house we noticed a young bird perched up on one the ladder wrungs on your play fort, so we walked up to it, expecting it to fly away, and it just sat there unmoving, Against my better judgement I assumed it was dead and the rigormortes must have set in locking it's toes to the ladder, we examined if for a few minutes, Cocoa sniffed it, and suprisingly enough did not try to eat it, and the only movement it made was opening it's mouth as we got close to it, so it must have been hungry right? You dart off to find a worm, doesn't take long, and we try to put it in the birds mouth with our makeshift chopsticks (two really crooked sticks we found) we put it in the birds mouth, and it just sits there, mouth open, worm hanging out, looking at us like "um seriously this is disgusting, where's the chocolate cake I ordered" It spits out the worm and squacks at us as it flies away

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